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Sawdust Savvy DIY Kits

{I received a complimentary DIY wood sign kit from Sawdust Savvy as well as a code for readers to use to receive $5.00 off an online purchase. All opinions about Sawdust Savvy are 100% my own. Thank you for letting me share my experiences with you!}

This October marks three years in our little brick house. We spent a majority of this time making our home our own by remodeling the attic, bathroom, and improving the landscaping. To be honest, we still have a few boxes in the basement that we have yet to unpack. And I have been saying that I am going to paint my middle child’s room for two years now. The projects will never end, and I suppose that is all part of the adventure of owning a home. But I am beyond thrilled to be at a point where we can take a break from major improvements for the time being. Our house is cozy and comfortable, and it’s been refreshing to enjoy more quality time as a family on the weekends.

We have settled in nicely here. The kids’ rooms are filled with toys, books, and their own artwork. Each family member has their “designated” seat at the dining room table. The bathtub is adorned with colorful bath toys. Our backyard produces fruits, veggies, and beautiful blooms. The kids have some amazing neighborhood friends that they can spend hours outside with on quiet Sundays like today. While we have settled in here, I have to admit that I am a little embarrassed that I have yet to hang anything on our walls. I have a Pinterest board filled with ideas for decorating the walls in my home, but I can never seem to pull the trigger and go for it. It’s overwhelming, and the last thing I want to do is put a hole in the wall. It seems like such a commitment! But, I finally found a solution to my problem: Sawdust Savvy.

Sawdust Savvy is located in Stillwater and offers instructor-led wood craft workshops, made-to-order wood signs, and to-go DIY crafting kits that can be shipped to you. I’ve been wanting to add more personal touches to our home, and while the thought of making a cute wood sign has crossed my mind many times, I simply don’t have the time these days to plan ahead for these types of projects. However, the wonderful thing about Sawdust Savvy is that you can make that cute sign you pinned on Pinterest years ago without all of the effort of getting the materials and tools together. The delightful ladies at the local shop do all of the prep work for you so you can enjoy the best part of making something beautiful for your home. The only prep work I had to do was to make the difficult decision on which sign to choose. Taxing, I know.

I couldn’t help but pick something for the Christmas season. How endeering is this “Noel” sign???

{Sawdust Savvy NOEL DIY Wood Sign Kit}

I stopped by Sawdust Savvy to pick up my sign instead of having it shipped to me. I was so curious to see what their workshop looked like. It’s a cozy space in the heart of lovely downtown Stillwater. The walls were full of inspirational projects, the employees were friendly and helpful, and the workshop was bustling.

Once I had my sign kit in hand, it took a few weeks to get the courage to make it. I didn’t want to mess it up, because in all honesty, I kind of suck at following instructions. Luckily, Sawdust Savvy has tutorials available to watch on YouTube that make it super easy to follow along and know exactly what to do when assembling the project.


If I didn’t spend so much time taking pictures of the fun process, I probably could have finished my sign in less than 30 minutes. Really, it was that simple!

While I do hope to attend one of the workshops at the studio in the near future, I love that I was able to order a project that I could complete on my own time at home. I’m a busy mama, so I was really excited about accomplishing a crafty project during the little one’s naptime! Now I just need to find the perfect spot to hang my new sign…

Sawdust Savvy is a local, women-owned business. The workshops are great opportunities for getting together with friends or celebrating special occasions. But for the mamas who don’t always have the time to get out on their own, DIY kits are great options for getting one’s craft fix in too. Check out upcoming workshops and the online shop here!

See something you like? I have a special code for you to receive $5 off of your purchase! When you checkout at Sawdust Savvy, be sure to use the code “blogger5”. Happy crafting, mama!

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